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SENSUAL LOVE is a rock and roll band that sounds like SENSUAL LOVE. on the other hand SENSUAL LOVE is a gang of intelligent cleptomaniacs, who have always loved to steal ideas from good old austrian hardcore-bands from the early 90ties, revolutionary girlpunk-bands from the mid-90ties and innocent noiserock-bands like THE COWS, DAZZLING KILLMEN or UNSANE. More than one time it has happened that SENSUAL LOVE was compared to the strange music of SONIC YOUTH, which can only be refered to the fact that this band also features a female bass player who uses to color her hair blonde.
SENSUAL LOVE believes in the holy trinity of rebellion, DIY & gaffa-tape, nevertheless they performed live together with major players in mainstream rock music: QUETZAL, APPLESEED CAST, VALINA, NIKAD, BLUETIP, FAVEZ, THE TRANS MEGETTI, THE OXES, SABOT. Otherwise SENSUAL LOVE performed live together with cool underground acts like MASTERS OF REALITY or CHUMBAWUMBA.
Besides this impressive and excessive namedropping anonymous witnesses reported, that SENSUAL LOVE wore sexy miniskirts, pink lace tops, even cheap sports shirts - and crucified fluffy teddybears live on stage. Terrific escapism vs. desperate hysteria. Pseudo empathy vs. serious disorientation. Low level testosterone bestiality with triple lead vocals. Too much whiskey against materialism? Until the evaluation of the perfect marketing and propaganda concept to achieve world domination SENSUAL LOVE will continue abusing two worthy guitars, heavily distorted bass and wacky drums to satisfy their sick audience all around the globe. SENSUAL LOVE is a rock and roll band and is highly motivated.
Oh my god, they use a history which repeats itsself.